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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Anyone interested in the continuing fight by the Phurnacite Justice Action Group please check out our new Face Book page.


The fight for justice continues for all the victims of the Phurnacite plant, for their many widows and families left behind and for those that will undoubtedly become victims in the future. There are still victims dying from their exposures to the emissions from the plant, be they employees or residents.

Residents and employees were promised an updated health study after an initial one showed some startling results. They were promised it a decade ago, but to date it as never been done. Makes you wonder if they're frightened as to what it will reveal. A look at the cancer stats for Wales shows that the numbers for all cancers are far higher in all years for South Wales than they are for North Wales, and undoubtedly the Phurnacite plant, labelled as 'Europe's Dirtiest Plant' by the Government's own Inspector's, has added to those much higher rates.

Sometimes the facts speak for themselves. Mother Nature was shouting out loudly a massive warning to everyone when the plant's dust emissions caused a whole forest of mature trees nearby to become blackened stubs for decades, that only began to grow back over a decade after it closed. If it did this to mature solid trees then what level of harm has it caused to the health of the residents of Abercwmboi and those down wind of it?

PJAG recently turned to our local MP for support and assistance on all these matters mentioned here in. Strong evidence was shown to her that she has foolishly chosen to ignore and the little she did do she made a complete mess of. Sadly, she chose to let all her constituents down, miserably and unnecessarily so. Despite our pleadings to her she continues to choose to turn her back on us, on her own constituents, just when we needed her the most.

The court case (which notably never included any residents some of whom must have been harmed also by the Phurnacite dust emissions, as it was only for employees) that concluded with a written judgement in October 2012, was not the huge success for most victims that it was portrayed to be in the media by the PR put out at that time. At best it was actually only 50% successful. This not only impacts on victims of the Phurnacite plant, but the whole of the coke oven industry as a whole in the future. Due to how and why decisions were made in court, it will also impact on any victim of lung cancer in the future no matter where they are from or what caused their cancer. So very wrong, so very unjust. The reported success hid a much larger injustice. Like with the Hillsborough, the real truth will out one day.

Many were failed and denied justice due to a failing legal system, and many have never seen the compensation promised and many cases are still being denied, perhaps wrongly so.

PJAG is now seeking fresh legal assistance from a new firm of solicitors on this matter and is seeking justice for all victims suffering any cancer or disease caused due to the dust emissions from the Phurnacite, and also either a Judicial review or public inquiry into how this has all been dealt with, whichever is deemed most appropriate.

Our battle for justice did not end with the court case and subsequent judgement, as most people seem to think, sadly it was only the beginning


The fight for justice will

The fight for justice will continue and it will last till the end of the world it seems. I am tired of watching it.

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