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Party of Wales AM argues for the rebalancing of wealth at Unison meeting


“Scotland ‘Yes’ vote could deliver living wage”: Bethan Jenkins

A ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish referendum would result in new opportunities progressive policies for the redistribution of wealth. That was the message Bethan Jenkins took to the floor at an Unison meeting in Brighton this week.

The Party of Wales AM for South Wales West addressed the meeting, explaining that in the event of a Yes vote, Scotland would press ahead and deliver a fairer deal for workers, striving to offer a living wage for workers.

The Party of Wales AM for South Wales West Bethan Jenkins said:

“The emergence of an independent Scotland would result in new opportunities for social policies that reject austerity and the regressive policies currently pursued by Westminster.

“An independent Scotland would be a beacon for progressives in the rest of these islands and would provide the best opportunity for a rebalancing of power and wealth in these islands.

“The Scottish Government has said that in an independent Scotland it will make sure the minimum wage in Scotland increases at least in line with inflation, and will extend the reach of the living wage and develop a partnership approach to the labour market involving employers and employees.

“From Wales’ point of view it is clear our country must emerge as a participant nation in a changing Britain rather than as a spectator on the side-lines.”

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