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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Outcome of judicial review against nursery cuts eagerly awaited.


Parents and campaigners across RCT are eagerly waiting the judge's decision regarding the judicial review into the Labour Cabinet's decision to cut nursery education from full to part time. The review hearing was held in Cardiff on Monday and Tuesday this week and the judge's verdict is expected to be known around mid day tomorrow.
For generations children in RCT have had the benefit of full time education from age 3 but as part of their savage cuts the Labour Cabinet decided in January to put a stop to that. A determined group of parents decided they were not going to take it lying down and instigated legal proceedings.
Welsh Liberal Democrats in RCT have condemned the nursery cuts from the start and supported the parents' efforts.
Councillor Mike Powell who was present at the hearing said
"Whatever the outcome of this review it has certainly raised a whole raft of questions about the Cabinet's decision making processes.
"Opposition Councillors have often complained that decisions are being made with insufficient evidence being presented to Members, and that indeed was one of the man tenets of the argument against the Authority. Councillors are elected to represent their constituents and make decisions on their behalf. Those decisions need to be informed ones.
"Services cannot be looked at in isolation and that is what has happened here. Little consideration appears to have been given to knock on effects with regard to childcare and employment opportunities.
"Part of the Council's argument was that the decision was primarily an education decision and therefore anything else is just secondary. Yet if this was an education decision why was the report written and presented by the then Head of Corporate Services, now Chief Executive, Steve Merritt?
"The parents who have worked so hard to keep this campaign going and bring it to court must be congratulated. It is not easy challenging a public body in this way but it shows that the Council cannot continue to walk over everyone. "

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