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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Our response to Labour’s Phase 2 Cuts proposals


RCT Council are currently consulting on their phase 2 cuts which will affect:
•Adult Social Care Charges
•Heritage Service
•Arts and Cultural Services
•Supported Bus Routes
•Provision of Paddling Pools
•Leisure Service
•Street Lighting Provision
The proposals include increasing charges for social care, closing the Muni theatre in Pontypridd and the Cynon Museum, shutting all paddling pools and closing or shortening of opening hours for some leisure services.
The consultation closes on 24th February. RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats have submitted a response. Contrary to the lies being spread by the Labour party we are not against all cuts - these are tough times, money is scarce and the public purse needs to be carefully managed.
Having said that we believe that the Labour Cabinet have been remiss in not looking earlier at many areas where cuts could be made - after all they have known for some time that there would be cutbacks in the budget. We also think that in some cases they are looking in the wrong places to make cuts, and that greater effort should be being made to bring in more revenue.
We have also been highly critical of the piecemeal way in which they are going about their budget setting process.
The first round consultation was discussed and decided upon the same day that phase two was launched. Criticism has been levelled at the Cabinet over that first round which saw most of the proposals going through unchanged. Yes they made a slight adjustment to the nursery education proposal, but that, we suspect, was already on the cards as it would have been next to impossible for schools to implement the changes including redundancies by April. The Cabinet Member for Education stated at the meeting that they had read "as many of the responses as they could."
There was also a surprise about-turn over Rhydyfelin library which was originally proposed to remain open but which the Cabinet suddenly announced would close.
Many may wonder what the point is of engaging with a Cabinet that shows so little interest in the consultation process, but if people don't make their objections know then there is no cause for complaint afterwards.
To read our responses to the relevant sections then click on the appropriate link below.

•Adult Social Care Charges


•Heritage Service

http://pontylibdems.org.uk/en/article/2014/763570/rct-welsh-lib-dem-response-to-proposed-heritage-services-changes•Arts and Cultural Services

•Arts and Cultural Services


•Supported Bus Routes


•Street Lighting Provision


• Paddling Pools & Leisure Services



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