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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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One reason why the fight for services at Royal Glam must go on


In light of the Health Board meetings which took place this week the press were asking for users of Royal Glamorgan services to come forward with their stories. One of several people who got in touch with us about it was a lady from Treorchy, who like many has reason to be thankful for the care received at that hospital and the professionalism of the staff.
She has agreed to us repeating her story, although her name has been with-held here. It is just one of many reasons why the fight to retain neo-natal and related services at the Royal Glamorgan must go on.
"I had my first child nearly 2 years ago was quite poorly so had to stay in antenatal ward a few times because of pre-eclampsia and during my stay I was being monitored and babies heart beat dropped so was rushed to theatre for an emergency section but never actually had him at that point.
"I had him the next day after being very poorly during the night at 29 + weeks my son was very small and weighed 2lb 1oz and was taken to SCBU where he was cared for for 6 weeks before being allowed home. In the 2 years since my son has been born we've had a few stays in the children's ward due to my son developing respiratory problems which have led to him being treated as an asthmatic.
"I am now 32 weeks pregnant again and would like to give birth in RGH again as the care that I and my son received was second to none I personally feel that either one of us or both would not be here today had it not been for the quick thinking of the staff at RGH and I am worried that these services will not be available for me when it comes to giving birth during this pregnancy let alone any future pregnancies."

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