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New RCT Council Cabinet confirmed.


The freshly appointed Labour leader of RCT Council announced his new Cabinet yesterday which has what he claims is "the right mix of experience, expertise and fresh ideas."
Previous rumours from a Labour backbencher proved to be inaccurate and a sign that either he was deliberately trying to mislead or is very far out of the loop.
Along with new leader Andrew Morgan and Deputy Paul Cannon three others retain their place around the table in a slightly slimmed down Cabinet which has now nine members instead of the previous ten.

There were loud boos from the public gallery as it was announced that Eudine Hanagan was to retain her place as Cabinet Member for Education following on from the nursery education cuts debacle. Cllr Hanagan looked far from pleased, and the Mayor took it upon himself to apologise to her for the behaviour of the public which resulted in even more heckling.

Roberts Bevan and Maureen Webber are the other two to survive the changeover with Clayton Willis, Annette Davies and Craig Middle being relegated to the back benches. The Cabinet is of course made up entirely of Labour members.

Last year's Mayor Ann Crimmings will take over the Environment, Leisure and Sport portfolio, not an easy task as the outcome of a review into leisure services is awaited before any announcement on possible cuts is made. The decision on proposals to cut leisure services was carried over at the last Cabinet meeting.
The person who was last week appointed Deputy Mayor - Geraint Hopkins - has now resigned that post to take up a Cabinet seat instead.

The new Cabinet now looks like this:
Leader of the Council and Chair of the Cabinet : Cllr Andrew Morgan (Mountain Ash West)

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, Tourism and Heritage: Cllr Paul Cannon QPM (Ystrad)

Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Planning : Cllr Robert Bevan (Tylorstown)
Cabinet Member for Environment, Leisure and Sport: Cllr Ann Crimmings (Aberdare West and Llwydcoed)

Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning : Cllr Eudine Hanagan (Tonyrefail West)
Cabinet Member for Children's Social Services and Equalities: Cllr Geraint Hopkins (Llanharan)
Cabinet Member for Service Delivery, Communities and Housing: Cllr Keiron Montague (Maerdy)
Cabinet Member for Council Business and Corporate Affairs: Cllr Maureen Webber (Rhydfelin)

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