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Margaret celebrates 100th birthday

Margaret celebrates 100th birthday

Mayor Clr Crimmings with Margaret Ada Quelch

Rhondda great-great-grandmother Margaret Ada Quelch celebrated her 100th birthday with her family – and a visit from the Mayor.

Margaret was born in the Rhondda, the daughter of a miner. As a young woman, she went to London to work as a nurse in private hospitals. She met her husband Arthur in London and they lived there until the Second World War.

When her husband enlisted, Margaret went back to the Rhondda to avoid the bombing in London. Her husband liked the Rhondda, so they stayed there when the War was over.

Margaret had four children and she has eight grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

She loved ballroom dancing and going out, and was dancing into her early nineties. Margaret’s husband died in his sixties and at the age of 76, she married Cyril, a gentleman she met through dancing. They had six happy years together.

Margaret’s daughter Christine said her mother, who was 100 on January 29, loves visitors and was excited that Mayor Cllr Ann Crimmings was visiting her.

Cllr Crimmings said: "It was a pleasure to meet Margaret and her family on such a special occasion,"

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