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"Make Welsh an official language of the UK Parliament" - Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards MP

Jonathan Edwards MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr has called for the Welsh language to be granted official status in the UK Parliament.

During Business Questions in the Commons this morning, Mr Edwards noted that he had realised during a meeting of the Welsh Grand Committee yesterday that nearly half of the MPs present were fluent Welsh speakers, and that they should have the right to debate and deliver speeches in Welsh should they wish to do so.

Mr Edwards said:

"As the Welsh Grand Committee met in Westminster yesterday, I was struck by the number of Members whould could speak Welsh.

"If the UK Parliament is to reflect the linguistic reality of the British state then Welsh should be granted official language status in Westminster. If Norman French has such status then surely the Welsh language should have the same!

"The Welsh Affairs Select Committee of which I am a member already has the right to take evidence in Welsh when meeting in Wales. There is no reason why this right shouldn't be extended wherever the committee meets.

"I believe that Committee members should also be able to question witnesses in Welsh during these evidence-gathering sessions.

"Plaid Cymru's Jill Evans MEP has worked tirelessly on a campaign to grant Welsh official language status in the European Parliament.

"Over the coming months Plaid Cymru MPs will reflect these efforts by fighting for the same right in the UK Parliament."

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