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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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The lights are going out all over RCT


The lights are going out all over RCT.
Following a decision made on the phase 2 cuts back in May RCT Council are now looking to implement planned cuts to street lighting and have asked all Councillors to identify areas in their wards which may be of concern
The proposed change would see some streetlights switched off between midnight and 5am. In no residential areas all lights could be switched off, whereas in residential areas only every other would be switched off between those hours. Exceptions will be made in areas considered particularly "sensitive."
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell is in favour of the move, but questions why it has taken so long and what the effect will be on the budget gap.
"The initial report put before Cabinet stated that if implemented from April 1st then there would be a full year saving of £0.3million. In fact the Cabinet didn't meet to make the decision officially until 14th May.
"There has now been a request for comments to be fed back by the end of August - so half the year's potential savings will have already been lost.
"There are other examples of changes that have not been implemented and savings not made - such cut backs on meals on wheels and the closure of the Muni. Now whilst some of these, such as the Muni closure, we strongly objected to, the fact remains that the Council's budget for the coming year is based on all these changes taking place.
"In the meantime of course they have also decided - thankfully - not to implement swimming pool and leisure centre closures.
"It does mean, though, that there is no way they can achieve their proposed savings, which begs the question - how do they plan to recoup that extra money next year and what cuts will they impose next?"

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