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Letter to press - joined up thinking needed over Fire station

 Mike Powell

I sometimes wonder if there is any joined up thinking amongst our supposed public service providers in Wales. The current proposals that may see the loss of one of the two engines at Pontypridd along with the suggestion that the station be moved to Treforest Trading Estate leads me to think that there is not.
Even if the second retained engine is kept such a move could remove the ability of many retained officers to carry on serving as they would struggle to maintain the five minute response requirement. Now if there were to be some collaborative and joined up thinking who knows what could happen. For instance RCT CBC could offer the Millfield Depot site as a replacement Fire and Ambulance station. The site is not suited to retail use and has been refused planning permission on several occasions.
The proximity of the site to both the Treforest and Porth station locations would effectively allow continued cover to the two areas but from the one site. Also the use of the Millfield Depot for a "Blue Light Centre" could also give the local school a little bit of extra parking space! Neither the current fire or ambulance stations would be placed in their current locations if they were being built today, they need to be closer to main road networks and the already close working relationship between these two services could only be enhanced by sharing a site.
Furthermore the two existing but poorly located sites could be sold off to provide the capital to build the new centre and put it to some beneficial public use. I look forward to any comments and observations from interested readers.
Cllr Mike Powell
Welsh Liberal Democrat, Trallwn

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