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Leisure Centre proposals on hold


Proposals to close Hawthorn and Bronwydd pools and Llantwit Fardre Leisure Centre have been put on hold by the Labour Cabinet pending a further review of the service.
The announcement came yesterday as the Cabinet rubber stamped the bulk of the phase 2 proposals including the closure of the Muni and Cynon Valley Museum. Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell welcomed the stay of execution
"The temporary reprieve for some of these facilities is welcome, but I hope that the Cabinet will probe a little deeper into the facts and figures and reconsider the original suggestions. To close any sports facilities when we should be encouraging the uptake of more exercise is short sighted, but if there are to be cut backs in the service then they need to consider usage and income.
"For instance the Llantwit Fardre Centre is well used, has had less money spent on it than most of the others and is better used than for example the Rhondda Fach centre. It also gives a better geographical spread across the area. The Rhondda Fach centre is poorly used and is just a few miles from the Ystrad leisure centre. Bronwydd pool is just a few miles in the other direction and again is much used by people from the Pontypridd area as well.
"The proposal originally put forward will certainly not lead to equitable services.
"Hawthorn pool has been closed for some weeks now because of "health and safety concerns" with no indication of what is happening. The original report suggested it could be transferred to the school, even though no discussions have place about it and it is not a feasible option.
"The callous act of vandalism in bulldozing the Pontypridd paddling pool to make way for a lido that only Labour members think will bring in visitors will not have done anything to sooth the anger felt by residents.
"It is good news that there is to be a rethink on the overall proposals but I hope that decisions will be taken strategically with a view to providing the best service and not, as we saw with the library proposals, on a political basis to try and garner Labour votes in certain areas."

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