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Launch of national campaign to stop blood clots and save lives


A NEW national campaign to help prevent patients dying from blood clots while in hospital is being launched today (Thursday 3 April, 2014).

‘Ask about Clots’ is encouraging patients to ask healthcare professionals about their risk of developing a blood clot – known as a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – so that they can be assessed and given appropriate treatment to prevent one developing.

The campaign has been developed by the 1000 Lives Improvement service in Public Health Wales and is supported by Lifeblood, the thrombosis charity.

Campaign organisers are working with health boards and trusts to raise awareness of the issue and highlight the danger of thrombosis with the public.

A person is ten times more at risk of developing a blood clot when being treated for a serious illness in hospital. However, around 70 per cent of cases could be avoided if preventative measures were put in place.

“I’m delighted that the Welsh Ambulance Service is supporting the Ask About Clots campaign as we need to highlight the very real danger of thrombosis,” said Andrew Jenkins, Deputy Medical Director.

“It has the potential to save many lives by encouraging patients and their families to talk to doctors and health professionals.

“It will also encourage our staff to be more aware of the risks and ensure all patients are assessed. Thrombosis is a condition that can be prevented.”

Find out more at www.askaboutclots.co.uk

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