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Labour's real standpoint on zero-hour contracts in Wales

Hywel Williams MP

Plaid Cymru MP Hywel Williams has highlighted the Labour Party's confusion and deception over the rise of zero-hour contracts. Their MPs in London today issued fierce criticism of new figures while Labour AMs voted against scrapping such contracts in a National Assembly vote on the Social Care Bill for Wales last month.

Mr Williams, whose party has campaigned at length to end mandatory zero-hours contracts, said that this was the latest indication of a growing gulf between Labour in Wales and Westminster and insisted that the party must clarify its position on the matter.

Mr Williams said:

"The Labour Party in London claim to be wholly opposed to mandatory zero-hour contracts.

“Labour Assembly members in Wales are clearly failing to back their London colleagues.

“Last month Plaid Cymru put forward an amendment to the Social Services Bill designed to scrap zero-hour contracts in the health and social care.

“When it came to the vote in the National Assembly, every single Labour AM opposed the change.

“Yet again we get one message from Labour in London, where they are in opposition, and quite another in Wales where they have the power to act.

“Welsh workers will remember that in 2013 the Assembly voted on the same issue in the agricultural sector. Again, Labour voted with the Tories.

“This is fair warning to working people throughout Wales and the UK of what to expect if Labour win a clear majority at the 2015 election. It'll be Tony Blair and New labour all over again. All smiles, promises, and betrayal.

"Plaid Cymru has consistently campaigned against these contracts which cause great insecurity and trap thousands of unwilling workers in low pay.

"Labour AMs could have joined with Plaid Cymru in lifting workers from the trap of low-pay and offering them greater stability and security. Instead, tribal as ever, they ducked the opportunity for their own imagined advantage."

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