Labour must act on daily M4 gridlock

Labour must act on daily M4 gridlock

Commenting on an accident on the M4 this morning, which paralysed an 11 mile stretch of the M4 around Newport, Byron Davies AM, Shadow Minister for Transport, said:

"On a daily basis, gridlock on this totally unfit for purpose motorway causes immeasurable damage to the Welsh economy and is an obvious deterrent to greater investment in Wales.

"The Conservative-led Coalition has acted to facilitate the construction of an M4 relief road to ease road capacity around Newport.

"The Welsh Labour Government must now take up this opportunity and proceed with plans to construct a relief road as quickly as possible to prevent further harm to the Welsh economy."

Mohammad Asghar, Assembly Member for South Wales East, said, "While my immediate thoughts are with those involved in this accident, this crash and the paralysis it has caused again raise questions about the future of the M4.

"Yet again, one single accident has turned the main arterial route through South Wales into a giant car park, causing inconvenience and misery to thousands.

"Commuters and businesses are sick to the back teeth of Labour inaction over the past 15 years, while congestion has continued to get worse.

"Labour Ministers must now get this M4 relief road built to prevent decades of travel misery for anyone wanting to do business in South Wales."

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