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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Labour failures have left our schools playing catch up


The Welsh Labour Education Minister has announced yet another scheme which is supposedly going to help drive up standards in our schools. We very much hope that in this case that will actually happen but the track record of the Welsh Labour Government is far from good.
As has been widely reported in the media, pupil achievement in Wales is far behind the rest of the UK and indeed much of Europe. It is certainly not the fault of the pupils who are certainly no less capable than those elsewhere. They are being let down by the system.
Last month the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, at the request of the Welsh Government. As reported by the BBC their feedback on the state of education in Wales was that
"The pace of reform has been high and lacks a long-term vision, an adequate school improvement infrastructure and a clear implementation strategy all stakeholders share."
In other words there have been far too many schemes introduced then left to fall by the wayside in favour of new schemes. Schools are struggling to keep pace with the constant changes and they are doing nothing to raise standards.
The latest scheme will see 40 schools across Wales benefit from £20million worth of additional support. The details of the scheme are as yet practically non -existent but the Minister's statement says this support will be tailored to individual schools' needs.
Five of the schools are in RCT, and whilst it is good news that these schools will be getting extra support then it says much for the way our education system has been let down by Labour in Wales and in RCT that this help is needed.
The schools chosen have been selected because they have been identified as having the potential to make significant improvements with appropriate support. The question has to be asked, what about the rest?
Karen Roberts

Yet another scheme

Track record of the Welsh Labour Government is far from good.

Pupil achievement in Wales

As reported by the BBC

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