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As RCT Councillors are cutting services is it time for a cut in councillors salary
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Labour Cabinet announce second round of cuts - as long as they don't affect them


Hot on the heels of an announcement that they would be considering the consultation responses to the first round of cuts very carefully and that nothing is as yet decided, RCT Council have announced round two.
Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Cannon, who is rapidly gaining a reputation that would put Scrooge to shame, announced that they will be consulting on a range of service changes including the possible closure of the Muni theatre, several leisure facilities and all paddling pools.
There is also talk of reducing street lighting, cutting subsidies to numerous bus routes, and the withdrawal of funding from several museums.
There are also proposals to substantially increase charges for adult social care.
Commenting on the phase two announcement Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell said:
"It is unbelievable that once again the Labour administration are targeting front line services and the more susceptible members of our community. They are playing political games, and the stakes for those affected are very high indeed.
"We have said from the start that this piecemeal approach is wrong, that there should be full scrutiny of the entire budgetary spend in RCT, but requests from opposition Councillors for further in depth figures have been flatly refused by the Finance Director.
"Everyone knows that savings have to be made, and there are some proposals that we may not disagree with given the time to examine them properly, but RCT Council should have started tightening their belt a long time ago. It is disgraceful that whilst they are making such draconian changes to education and social services there is no mention, for example, of cuts to their over inflated PR department,"
RCT's Welsh Liberal Democrat Campaign Manager Karen Roberts added
"The Labour Cabinet in RCT came under severe criticism from their own colleague the Minister for Local Government and indeed the First Minister when they announced their first round of cuts. They were accused of an over the top, knee jerk reaction. First Minister and Labour leader Carwyn Jones said that Council had been given plenty of time to prepare.
"If they were unhappy with the first round proposals then what on earth must they think of the latest announcement?"

Considering the consultation responses to the first round of cuts very carefully


Several leisure facilities


Commenting on the phase two announcement


They are playing political games


Piecemeal approach is wrong


Flatly refused by the Finance Director


Carwyn Jones said


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