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Labour’s M4 decision an ‘affront to national cohesion’


Party of Wales Shadow Cabinet call for “devolution dividend” for all Wales

At a public event at the National Eisteddfod in Llanelli with The Party of Wales Shadow Cabinet, party leader Leanne Wood has claimed that Labour’s reckless decision to press ahead with the so-called ‘black route’ for M4 redevelopment in the south east is an affront to the cohesion of the country.

She said that Labour’s obsession with ‘silver bullet’ projects focused on the south east set a trend not entirely different to UK Government investment policies in regards to London and the south east of England and warned of persuing a ‘mini-London’ effect policy in Wales. Ms Wood said that it is economically but also socially scandalous to waste Wales’ entire borrowing capacity on one project that will benefit one corner of the country whilst neglecting the overall infrastructure needs of Wales as a whole.

The Party of Wales has launched a petition calling on the Welsh Labour Government to reconsider its decision. You can sign the petition by clicking here.

Leanne Wood said:

“For too many communities, it appears this Labour Government’s entire policy focus is on the Gwent-Glamorgan M4 corridor. Their decision to blow Wales’ entire borrowing powers on one M4 project – this without proper consultation – is short sighted and, in my opinion is an affront to the national cohesion of Wales. By acting with such disregard for public and political opinion, Labour’s actions will alienate more and more people and more and more communities who’ll be wondering when they are going to see a devolution dividend in terms of investment and improved infrastructure.

“Plaid Cymru recognises the need to improve the particular issues around the M4 in Gwent, but we supported a less costly and more sensible alternative that would see the congestion challenge met but without the costs – both financial and environmental – that accompany Labour’s plans.

“People in the Valleys, the North and the West are increasingly feeling that those in power in the Welsh Government are remote and out of touch with their needs and hopes, and with such reckless decision-making, it is hardly surprising that this is the case.

“Plaid Cymru wants to see a ‘devolution dividend’ for all Wales. That means using the limited financial powers we have wisely and for the good of all corners of the country. As well as improving east-west links, we want investment into links between our population centres within Wales as a means of boosting trade and business links, in addition to investment in public transport, including a new south-east metro and the expansion of rural bus and rail links.

“Labour in Wales should learn the lessons of their London masters: putting all the investment eggs in the basket of London and the south east of England led to a financial meltdown and a basket case economy where so many suffered.

“Wales needs and deserved a balanced economy and this must start with balanced investment.”

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