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An invitation to be involved in the National Advisory Board for Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) is the independent inspectorate and regulator of all health care in Wales.
HIW’s primary focus is on:

Making a contribution to improving the safety and quality of healthcare services in Wales
Improving citizens’ experience of healthcare in Wales whether as a patient, service user, carer, relative or employee
Strengthening the voice of patients and the public in the way health services are reviewed
Ensuring that timely, useful, accessible and relevant information about the safety and quality of healthcare in Wales is made available to all.
HIW’s core role is to review and inspect NHS and independent healthcare organisations in Wales to provide independent assurance for patients, the public, the Welsh Government and healthcare providers, that services are safe and good quality.

HIW also undertakes special reviews and investigations where there appears to be systematic failures in delivering healthcare services, to ensure that improvement and learning takes place. 

HIW carries out its work on behalf of Welsh Ministers, and although they are part of a department within the Welsh Government there are a number of safeguards in place to make sure they can operate independently.

Central to HIW’s values is a commitment to give people using healthcare services, their families and carers a real voice. One of the ways we will do this is by providing opportunities to get involved with HIW’s work through a National Advisory Board.

Participation Cymru, has been asked to assist in advising and supporting the establishment of a National Advisory Board.
We are inviting:

people who use Healthcare Services,
carers of those who use Healthcare Services
relatives of service users who have an interest in HIW’s work
volunteers working in the Healthcare Services sector
voluntary organisations representing people, families and carers who use Healthcare Services
People with recent experience of working in Healthcare services (though not currently employed in the Healthcare sector)
to apply to be members of the National Advisory Board. 
Why do we need a National Advisory Board for HIW? The National Advisory Board will provide HIW with the citizen voice in its work. It will help HIW to drive improvements in Healthcare services for people.  It will make sure that people who use Healthcare services are at the heart of influencing how improvements can be made.

Members of the National Advisory Board will give their comments and opinions at a really important level where they can influence real change. They will help to suggest solutions to the findings of HIW’s work and the challenges facing Healthcare Services in Wales.  They will have an input into HIW’s future work plans and HIW’s Annual Report. Members will need to reflect the wider views of Healthcare service users and carers. They will look at services that are delivered all over Wales.

Why should you get involved? This is a chance for you to tell HIW in their inspection and regulation role, how the services that you, people like you, your families and friends receive can be improved. With this letter you will find the following:
Information sheet about the work 
Criteria for membership of the group
A glossary, which is an explanation of what some terms mean
An application form
If you are interested in applying and need help to do so or if you have any questions about it then please get in touch with HIW who are very happy to help. Please contact Ian Williams for more information.

We ask that you send your application form to HIW by 30th June.

Written, video or audio applications are welcome.
Source: Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)

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