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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Humourless Cabinet Members should pay for any legal action themselves


Cabinet Members in RCT have got themselves in a right stew over a couple of fake twitter accounts that are have been set up poking fun at two of them in particular.
The spoof accounts target Deputy leader Paul Cannon and Cabinet Member for Education Eudine Hanagan. Press reports say they are considering legal action against the perpetrators. RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat Campaign Manager says the two need to get a sense of perspective - and a sense of humour.
"These people are paid by the taxpayer to do a job, and that job brings them into the public eye. They are only too keen to accept any good publicity coming their way but have obviously been rattled by the adverse comments coming their way as a result of the savage cuts they have announced to Council services. Surely they are adult enough to accept something like this as coming with the territory?
"If they wish to go ahead and try and take legal action then it is obviously their prerogative, but I hope if that is the case then will be footing the bill themselves.
"The press article refers to 'the Council' having been in touch with the Police and having contacted Twitter to discover who is behind the fake accounts. If these two Labour Members wish to take action then surely it should not fall to the taxpayers to pay for it. "

Fake Cause Concern In The

Fake Cause Concern In The Chamber
March 19, 2014 - 7:27pm
Local Government
The headline on Walesonline says it all

“Fake councillor Twitter accounts cause outrage”

It is clear they have hit a raw nerve with some councillors but as the headline says, “FAKE”
I remember Spiting Image and the people they portrayed did not take offence at the caricatures

Because someone complained you have increased the publicity if nothing was said no one would take any notice just another Tweet

The Labour peer Roy Hattersley said, that he had watched the show Spitting Image “religiously every Sunday”.

It would seem Labour politicians today differ to their predecessors they would do better to focus on avoiding cuts and put more effort into finding savings within senior management at RCTC not take notice of silly windups that mean nothing to the public at large.




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