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How mobile apps are transforming our education


A showcase event held by the Centre of Excellence for Mobile Applications and Services (CEMAS) at the University of South Wales has studied how mobile technologies are enhancing all aspects of our education system.

The event, which took place at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium today (Wednesday 14 May) aimed to encourage businesses to develop innovative apps for the rapidly expanding education market.

One of the apps being launched at the event was Cauldron Caters, an initiative by local fresh fruit and vegetable company Taste Wales.

Director Nicola Knight worked with CEMAS to develop the app, which provides children and young people with delicious healthy recipe ideas and advice on good nutrition.

Nicola said: “I decided to develop Cauldron Caters mobile app to help educate children on the importance of nutrition. I want to make learning fun, and I want to focus on the positives of nutritious food. The future of Taste Wales and Cauldron Caters is to work with adults and children to change their eating habits, to get them healthy and to work at battling the rising levels of obesity.”

Among the guest speakers was Simon Pridham, pictured above, Executive Head of Casllwchwr Primary School in Swansea. Simon explained how Casllwchwr was the first school in Wales to adopt 1:1 iPad provision – meaning every child has access to an iPad to enhance their learning.

He also told delegates about the success of the LIFE (Lifelong Intergenerational Furthering Education) programme, which has won international and national awards for its groundbreaking work using mobile devices in deprived areas of Swansea.

Another app featured at the event was Word Whiz, developed by Biga John of Educational Games Ltd and Dan Clemo of Sugar Creative Studio in Cardiff. The app allows players to choose to play in English or Welsh, offering several levels of difficulty for linking words of 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 letters. At the simplest level it is an ideal confidence builder for early readers, or those who are new to the language.

Professor Khalid Al-Begain, Director of CEMAS said: “Smart phones and other mobile devices are hugely popular among the younger generation. With young people using them to access social media networks or play games and children as young as five years old using tablets and iPads with confidence. It’s no wonder that mobile technology is now being embraced as a learning tool with great popularity.

“CEMAS is delighted to have the opportunity to host this showcase event and hope it has encouraged the development of further educational apps to promote Wales as a world-leader in this new and evolving sector.”

CEMAS is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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