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Homelessness crisis looming, warns Plaid


Plaid Cymru repeats calls for Bedroom Tax ‘no-evictions’ policy

The Party of Wales has warned that a homelessness crisis is looming as Welsh families begin to feel the effects of the Bedroom Tax.

Citing figures which show that 30% of people are referred to food banks because of benefit delays, and 15% are referred as a result of benefit changes, the Party of Wales Shadow Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies said that this situation was likely to spiral out of control as the Bedroom Tax bites.

Jocelyn Davies said that it is vital that the Welsh Government introduces a policy that there will be no evictions as a result of the Bedroom Tax. This is fairer upon families affected by the tax as well as better value because of the costs involved in rehousing.

The Party of Wales Shadow Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies said:
“The Bedroom Tax is totally unfair in its implementation. There is often no alternative accommodation available for families to go to, which means that families have no alternative except to find the money to stay in their homes.

“Figures which pre-date the implementation of the Bedroom Tax show that the majority of people turning to food banks are working age families, so this is likely to rocket as the result of the tax. A housing crisis is looming for us here in Wales.

“Plaid Cymru has argued for a no-evictions policy as a result of the Bedroom Tax. This would be both practical for local councils and housing authorities, and for tenants, and would stop the situation escalating into a crisis.

“The cost of rehousing individuals or families who are made homeless, including loss of rent for void properties, housing improvements and the rehousing process itself would be much greater than the arrears resulting from the Bedroom Tax.

“This is a practical step that a Plaid Cymru government would take, and it is something that the Welsh Government should work towards if it is serious about protecting the people of Wales from the worst of the cuts.”

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