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High death rates demand Keogh-style inquiry

High death rates demand Keogh-style inquiry

Commenting on the publication of new Risk Adjusted Mortality Index (RAMI) data for 2013, which suggests that most Welsh hospitals have higher than expected death rates, Darren Millar AM, Shadow Minister for Health, said:

"The fire alarms in the Welsh NHS are ringing loud and clear and we need immediate action to investigate the cause.

"The RAMI 2013 mortality data shows that death rates in some Welsh hospitals are far higher than expected and we need an urgent Keogh-style investigation to establish why.

"It is disappointing that the Welsh Labour Government has sought to hoodwink the public with smoke and mirrors by publishing a number of different sets of mortality figures and holding back on the publication of RAMI 2013 data which should have been available in the New Year.

"A number of Welsh hospitals have death rates which would have triggered immediate independent investigations elsewhere in the UK. 

"Welsh Labour must stop burying their heads in the sand and learn the lessons of Mid-Staffs.

"The health service in Wales needs an immediate independent review and we call upon Carwyn Jones to step up to the plate and commission one."

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