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Healthcare Inspectorate Wales Publishes its Operational Plan for 2014- 2015

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) today publishes its Operational Plan for the year ahead, setting out its work programme and priorities for the period.
Dr Kate Chamberlain, Chief Executive of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales says:

“Expectations of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales are rightly high. We have listened carefully to the feedback from our stakeholders, including the Health and Social Care Committee, and have recently made significant progress in building our capacity and capability”.

The plan for 2014-15 seeks to address this important feedback in a number of key ways:
A significant increase in the volume of inspection activity in the NHS to increase HIW’s presence and visibility
A number of different issues will be considered during the same inspection. Enabling broader conclusions to be drawn about quality of care in a particular hospital or setting
Explicit standards have been set for reporting which will result in immediate feedback of findings to inspected bodies; draft reports issued within three weeks and a report published on HIW’s website within three months
A new website will be launched in April 2014 which will make information easier to find and will continue to improve the content throughout the year
Introduction of annual reporting for each NHS body, which pulls together and summarises HIW’s work during the previous year to clearly inform the Advisory Board of issues which need to be addressed
More rigour and consistency will be introduced to the way in which concerns are responded to, particularly through the enforcement activities and implementation of the NHS Wales Escalation and Intervention Arrangements, which were recently agreed with the Welsh Government

Dr Chamberlain adds:

“Alongside these changes much will stay the same: we will continue to put patients at the heart of what we do; continue to undertake and improve our investigation and regulation activity; continue to develop our collaborative working with key partners.

This is an ambitious work programme and one which I believe demonstrates significant progress towards meeting expectations.

I would like to encourage comments and feedback on this work programme at any point and to draw attention to our intention to invite wider views during the year on our strategic priorities for 2015-18.”

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales Operational Plan 2014- 2015- Press Release


Healthcare Inspectorate Wales Operational Plan 2014- 2015


Source: Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)

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