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Healthcare Inspectorate Wales Dignity and Essential Care Inspection (DECI) report for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board i

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) today publishes a report following an unannounced Dignity and Essential Care inspection to the Accident and Emergency Department of University Hospital for Wales, part of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. The Inspection was undertaken on 4 March 2014.
HIW inspectors identified several areas of noteworthy practice and some areas that require improvement. Overall, however, patients can be confident that the service within the Emergency Department of University Hospital for Wales is well run, with due care and attention to professional standards of care.

Inspectors observed the environment of the Accident and Emergency department was challenging to staff and patients due to an ongoing extensive programme of redesign and improvement. The areas of the department for which refurbishment works had been completed such as resuscitation, provided an excellent innovative environment with attention to detail and creating a calming environment for patients.

Other examples of good practice included a high standard of documentation within all areas of the Accident and Emergency Department with all relevant assessments completed and available. Many examples of friendly and respectful interactions between staff and patients were also observed. Discussions with patients indicated that people felt their dignity was maintained and positive comments were made regarding staff attitude and behaviour.

HIW found a number of areas where improvement is required.

Quality of patient experience issues included: unsuitable seating, unclear signage and compromised patient privacy within the temporary patient waiting / booking in room.

Fundamentals of Care issues identified included: no loop system or communication aids for patient’s with sensory loss in the temporary waiting area/ booking in room; no initiative in place to indicate if a patient’s suffered with dementia / memory loss; patient toilets within the majors triage area were out of order and had been for a number of days.

Inspectors found that staff had not received recent training in dementia care, learning disabilities, or Protection of Vulnerable Adults.
Quality and Safety issues identified included: inconsistent staff understanding regarding the temporary use of access through a fire exit and a potential breach of fire safety regulations due to a fire exit being locked at night.
HIW Chief Executive, Dr Kate Chamberlain said:

"The Health Board was very open to our visit and made a constructive contribution throughout the inspection visit. Our inspection outlines a number of positive aspects in relation to how care is provided at University Hospital for Wales, also areas for improvement. We look forward to receiving an Improvement Plan from the Health Board which we will follow up. The Plan will be made publically available on our website"



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