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As RCT Councillors are cutting services is it time for a cut in councillors salary
10% Cut
20% Cut
11% Increase just like your MP
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Halt the proposed closure of Cynon Valley Museum and Art Gallery in Aberdare

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Gayle rogers
Rhondda, United Kingdom

The closure of Cynon Valley Museum and Gallery has been proposed under cuts to Heritage Services, however as the venue houses not 1 but 2 art galleries and a shop where local makers and artists show and sell their work, this proposal will have a significant impact on local arts and cultural services. This will be in addition to cuts proposed for arts and cultural services in the phase II of RCT budget cuts.

The arts and cultural services is therefore proposed to take an unfairly higher proportion of cuts.

The loss of Cynon Valley Museum would damage the arts in Wales and prospects of local artists and makers. It is 'the' significant exhibition venue in the Valleys, in an area where dedicated exhibition space is sparse to say the very least. The experienced members of staff who curate and manage the events, displays and exhibitions are a rich resource for local people and the Arts in Wales.

Although it's proposed closure would adversely affects the arts & artists- the impact on the wider local community, who use the venue on a regular basis, cannot be understated.

Also to add- for museum people the fact that the museum is accredited matters a lot. It offers standards and protection to public donors and users.

Cllr Paul Cannon Deputy Leader Rhondda Cynon Taff, Deputy Leader Rhondda Cynon Taff
Halt the proposed closure of Cynon Valley Museum and Art Gallery in Aberdare

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During World War II, a

During World War II, a minister in the Ministry of Defence suggested to then Prime Minister Winston Churchill that funding to the arts should be cut in order to provide more cash for the war effort. Churchill turned to him and asked, "In that case, what are we fighting for?"

In order therefore for our local councillors to continue to pay themselves way over the odds of what they're worth, the arts and museums in RCT are to be cut. Seems that Churchill was right after all, but he didn't bargain on the self promoters like we've got here in RCT. Cut the arts in order for our local specimens to continue to milk the system dry for all it's worth, and that's from the top down.

So, what indeed was World War II fought for if the philistines have finally taken over and we end up as a cultural backwater? Never mind though, eh, they'll still manage to live off our backs in the manner to which they've become accustomed.

Forget about cutting

Forget about cutting services think of cutting councillors

There are 40 MPs in Wales

There are 60 Assembly members representing Wales

There are 75 Councillors representing Rhondda Cynon Taf

The closure of a museum is

The closure of a museum is like a blockage of knowledge. We must tell the authorities to stop such an action for the betterment.

Previous comments have

Previous comments have mentioned the place of the Arts and Artists which are being advertised and maintained by the Museum however I believe that the biggest loss would be to the future knowledge of the children of the Valley. For too many years the History of the town known as the Queen of the Valleys has been gradually lost and so too the valley. To listen to the TV reporters etc there is only one valley in Wales and that is not the Cynon Valley. For too long the history of this Valley has been gradually eroded and now has a great chance of being lost forever. Please let the Museum be maintained. Reduce the number of Councillors and their expenses if neccessary but do not let our heritage be further eroded

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