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Fracking U-turn 'enormous mistake' says Plaid MEP Jill Evans


Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales MEP Jill Evans has described a decision to reverse the requirement for so-called 'fracking' exploration to be subject to a compulsory environmental impact assessment as 'an enormous mistake'.

MEPs today voted to revise EU rules on environmental impact assessments (EIAs). The vote reverses an earlier decision and fails to make EIAs compulsory for shale gas extraction and exploration involving fracking.

Jill Evans and her Greens/EFA group of MEPs voted against the decision.

Responding, Jill Evans said:

"There is massive public opposition to fracking, and very real public concern about the use of this controversial technique.

"An environmental impact assessment is the very least that should be done. Dropping this requirement could see communities face fracking exploration schemes forced through without proper investigation or consultation.

"We cannot ignore the environmental and health risks involved with fracking. There is no public support for fracking and I call upon the Welsh and UK Governments to introduce a moratorium, until it can be proven that there is no damage to the environment or health."

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