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Film Graduate in high profile role with NATO


Laurence Cameron, a Film graduate from the University of South Wales has started an exciting new role as Video Journalist for the NATO channel.

Laurence will be based in Afghanistan reporting on NATO operations throughout the country.

Laurence graduated from the University in 2009 and has since been working on the frontline in Afghanistan as a filmmaker for NGO (National Government Organisations) making TV series’ for the Afghan government.

Upon his recent appointment as Video Journalist for NATO, Laurence said, “This role is a fantastic opportunity. I am gaining first-hand experience of what it is like to be in a warzone and I get great satisfaction from reporting on operations there.”

Chris Morris, a Professor in Film at the University of South Wales said, “It is great to see Laurence doing so well, and his success is thoroughly deserved. He is passionate about film and is a real self-starter which combined with his acquired knowledge and skill base is a recipe for success in the film industry.”

Laurence is about to embark on a weeklong trip to infamous Helmand province with the Afghan army’s counter improvised explosive team which he has described as both exciting and scary.

Examples of Laurence’s video journalist work can be found here



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