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Fast and accessible health advice on your doorstep - get to know your local pharmacist this winter

Fast and accessible health advice on your doorstep - get to know your local pharmacist this winter

As the winter sets in your local pharmacist can provide quick and easy health advice without the need for an appointment.

Pharmacists can give advice and support on a number of common ailments. As experts in medicines, pharmacists can be relied upon to give you professional advice, so choose well this winter, visit your local pharmacist.

What you need to know about your local pharmacist:

Pharmacies are open for you. Most are open at weekends and after normal working hours

Almost all pharmacies have private consulting rooms, you can if you wish, discuss your ailment with a pharmacist confidentially

Pharmacists can signpost you to other health services and can refer you directly without the need to see your GP

Pharmacists are able to help with the treatment of all kinds of ailments from colds to diarrhoea, back pain to hay fever, thrush to acne

Brian Hawkins, chief pharmacist at Cwm Taf Health Board, said: “Pharmacists are experts on all kinds of aliments and medicines and pride themselves on being able to give professional health advice quickly without the need for an appointment.

“Most pharmacies now have private consulting rooms were you can discuss your illness confidentially. They are able to refer you onwards to other services. They can also give you support to give up smoking or confidential access to emergency contraception. Choose well this winter, use your local pharmacy.”

In October, the Choose Pharmacy scheme – also known as the common ailments scheme was launched. The scheme is being piloted in pharmacies across the Cynon Valley area.
Patients living in the Cynon Valley, suffering from a range of common ailments are able to receive free advice and treatment from their pharmacist instead of making an appointment to see their GP.
Pharmacists involved in the Choose Pharmacy pilot will assess and treat patients suffering from a range of conditions, including hay fever, threadworm, conjunctivitis, head lice, sore throats, constipation and indigestion.
Pharmacists will supply medicines from an agreed list, give advice, or refer to the GP if necessary. Medicines will be given free of charge* removing the payment barrier which can prevent patients choosing to see a pharmacist instead of their GP.

To find your local pharmacist go to http://www.choosewellwales.org.uk/pharmacist

Notes to editors
* Patients must be registered with a GP and must register at a community pharmacy to receive advice and treatment for a range of common ailments from a qualified pharmacist.

Some common ailments your pharmacist can help you with:

Hay fever
Head lice
Nappy rash
Chicken pox
Sore throat
Athletes foot
Eye infections
Back pain
In growing toenails

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