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EU membership essential for future prosperity of Wales


During an Assembly debate which took place this week the Welsh Liberal Democrats highlighted the importance of the UK's continued membership of the European Union to make Wales a more prosperous, sustainable and secure place.
This follows the launch of a report by TheCityUK examining the impact of EU membership on the UK, which found that 'in every case and across almost every dimension, membership of the EU is good for the UK economy and exit would involve significant costs.'
Commenting, Eluned Parrott AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Business and Europe, said:
"The UK's continued membership of the EU is vital to help make Wales a more prosperous, sustainable and secure place.  In Wales, more than 10,000 companies trade in goods with other EU countries every year and 41,510 Welsh jobs would be at risk if we left the EU tomorrow - that's 41,510 more jobs than we are willing to risk.
"EU membership enhances the productivity of our businesses by offering opportunities through the largest single market in the world and encouraging growth and competition.  Businesses clearly recognise the importance of continued EU membership, as a CBI survey found that 78% of firms want to stay in the EU and according to British manufacturers, 85% would vote to remain in the EU.
"As well as the benefits to businesses through trade and investment, our poorest communities in Wales receive significant support through European Structural Funds which will be worth around £2billion over the next six years.  This will provide a significant boost for jobs and growth, but it is crucial that this money is used effectively."
The UK goes to the polls on Thursday May 22nd to elect its Members of the European Parliament.


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