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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Do you know someone in Wales who has done something exceptional?


Do you know someone exceptional?  Do you know someone in Wales who has done something exceptional? People doing good and making things better? Do you work with a colleague who always goes the extra mile? Someone who really deserves national recognition, who stands out for what you feel they have achieved? Do you admire people who may live abroad but give of their best to promote Wales on an international stage? People in a team or association who have a huge impact? 21 Jul 2014
The national St David Awards 2015 – nominations are now open!
If you do you should go online and nominate them for a St David Award now

There are nine St David Awards:

1. Bravery 2.Citizenship 3. Culture 4. Enterprise 5. Innovation & Technology 6. International 7. Sport 8. Young Person 9. First Minister’s Special Award

The St David Awards annually recognise and celebrate the exceptional achievements of people in Wales. They acknowledge people who are making a real difference for this country – either at home or abroad. They are great marks of distinction and the highest accolades that Welsh Government confers on our citizens nationally.

The St David Awards operate over the entire country – they are the "awards of awards" and the natural destination for all those who have won other sectoral or community awards.

Visit the website www.stdavidawards.org.uk and nominate now.

You can nominate for the St David Awards 2015 from 21 July until 28 October 2014. Follow all the latest news about the Awards on Twitter as well on @stdavidawards

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