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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Do Plaid care about Pontypridd?


A special meeting of the Corporate Services Committee will tomorrow look at a call in request on the decision to close the Cynon Valley Museum. The call in procedure allows opposition members to ask that a decision made by the Cabinet be referred back to the Cabinet for further consideration. Until the rules were changes at the AGM last week the request could only be made by members sitting on scrutiny committees which ruled out the Welsh Liberal Democrat and Conservative members.
It is highly unlikely that the request will be successful as the Corporate Services committee, like every other in RCT, has a majority of Labour members who will toe the party line.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell says it is disappointing, though, that the call in was made only for this and not for other important community facilities earmarked to close such as the Muni.
"The leader of Plaid Cymru made a statement at the Cabinet meeting to decide on phase 2 cuts that Plaid care about Pontypridd even though they have no County Councillors in the constituency. This selective call-in would appear to suggest that their concern only goes as far as photo and press opportunities for their Westminster candidate.
"Scrutiny in RCT Council is a joke and the call-in will almost certainly fail, as indeed was suggested by the Council's barrister at the recent judicial review into nursery education.
"On behalf of the Council he argued that the request for review should be ruled out because it was not submitted 'in a timely fashion.' He said that the decision should have been regarded as taken on 8th January not the 20th which, was the date the call in on that decision was refused, arguing that there was 'no substantive reason' to think that it would not have been implemented. In other words there was no prospect of the committee referring the decision back to the Cabinet."

There should be more

There should be more justification as well as investigation needed in this matter and then we could say if Plaid cares about Pontypridd or not

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