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Cwm Taf ‘fudge’ causing confusion over hospital plans


The BBC are reporting that Cwm Taf Health Board voted against the recommendations of the South Wales Programme which will see the centralisation of critical care services in five hospitals across South Wales.
In fact there was no outright rejection of any of the ten recommendations put forward by the Board - including the one which suggested they be removed from the Royal Glamorgan.
Instead what came out was a 'fudge' - talk of sharing of services, of "one hospital on two sites."
They obviously could not be seen publicly to back removal of critical care services from their own hospital, but it was made very clear by the Chief Executive that if they pushed for Option 4 - retaining services at that hospital - they would be on their own.
So instead there was much talk of collaborative working and the formation of an alliance Board, of moving services in two directions, out of one hospital and into another. However there was no outright rejection of the SWP plans and with four other Health Boards on the side of Princess of Wales then the outcome seems obvious.
Prince Charles hospital, which is also in the Cwm Taf area, will be retained as one of the five major critical care centres. However, it was stressed at the meeting that the hospital cannot survive in the longer term without the support of other Health Boards.
RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats have been supportive of changes, but there needs to be certainty with regard to what is going on both for staff and patients. They deserve more than fudge.

The BBC are reporting

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