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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Council to increase child care charges


The Cabinet will meet on 19th March to discuss amongst other things an across the board increase of 7.3% for Council services. These will include leisure services, meals on wheels, cremation and burial services and child care.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell said
"Yet again we are seeing a last minute knee jerk reaction from the Cabinet. As I have said before, they have known that cutbacks were coming and should have been planning ahead.
"It is also difficult to see why they are going for a blanket approach across everything which hardly seems fair or equitable.
"On the positive side I am very glad to see no further increase in car parking charges as traders have been complaining about the effects of increasing charges for years. Likewise the freeze in school meal charges is welcome.
"Some of the increases appear reasonable, for instance the cinema charges are still well below those in privately run cinemas, and the increase in allotment fees spread over a year still makes it good value.
"However the increases in burial and cremation fees are quite steep and will put an extra burden on grieving families.
"Of greatest concern, however, is the proposed increase in day Nursery fees. Lack of affordable Childcare is already a major impediment for parents who want to work, and it is a major drive by the coalition UK Government, and allegedly by the Welsh Labour Government.
"The charges at privately run Day Nurseries in RCT are already considerably less than this and there can be no justification for these increased charges. If the Labour Council cut back on the number of back room staff they employ in so called support roles then they could cut back charges to the public.
"Given their decision to cut back on nursery education provision they will be driving up the demand for child care, to drive up the price as well shows a lack of joined up thinking on their part."


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