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Controversial banding system to be changed. Quite how is a secret


Having been criticised by recent reports for introducing too many schemes and causing confusion in the education system in Wales it seems the latest holder of the education portfolio has hit on the answer. Make more changes.
Labour Education Minister Huw Lewis has announced that changes are to be made to the controversial banding system from this autumn. What those changes will be remains a mystery - after all we wouldn't want schools getting wind of plans ahead of time now would we? They may start planning ahead or something and that would never do under Labour in Wales.
Mr Lewis reportedly said today that the measures included in banding "are being reviewed to ensure that the model continues to align with our priorities for education, in particular with a focus on reducing the impact of deprivation on attainment."
Well that's all right then - although it does suggest that maybe they are not currently in line with their priorities in which case why does the banding system exist?
One of the problems seems to be that the education priorities of the Welsh Labour Government seem to change with whoever is in control of that portfolio at the time. We have had a succession of Ministers all determined to make their mark, and it is the pupils that end up suffering.
There is no problem with change, but it has to be change with a positive purpose.

Mr Lewis reportedly said today

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