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Consultant pay cuts will hit NHS hard

Darren Millar AM

Labour’s real terms cuts to consultant salaries in Wales will ‘permanently damage the health service’.

That’s’ the warning from Welsh Conservatives – following comments made at today’s annual BMA conference.

Speaking in Harrogate, a top doctor has warned that real terms cuts to consultant salaries will worsen the continuing recruitment crisis in Wales and deter consultants and other healthcare staff from coming to work in Wales.

Welsh Council Chairman, Dr Philip Banfield, also said, ”Frontline clinical staff have morale at an all-time low, stress at an all-time high and this is when mistakes happen and patients die unnecessarily.”

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, said, “This is a grave reminder of the very real threats facing Labour’s health service – and a stark warning of what is still to come.

“Cutting consultant salaries would permanently damage the NHS, exacerbate existing recruitment problems and deter the brightest and the best consultants from coming to work in Wales.

“The Welsh NHS must remain competitive as lower salaries will result in a brain drain to other parts of the UK and act as a disincentive to work in Wales.

“Labour’s record-breaking NHS budget cuts have led to hospital downgrading, immense pressure on staff and now real terms cuts to salaries.

“There is already a significant recruitment challenge in many key specialities and salary cuts are only going to make these difficulties even worse.

“Allowing pay to fall so far below other parts of the UK will hit the Welsh NHS hard and knock morale even further.

“This warning should be heeded – and patients and staff given the investment and priority they deserve.”

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