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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Community Health Council caves in over removal of services from Royal Glamorgan.


Whilst there are many people rejoicing today at the outcome of the judicial review which found that RCT made an unlawful decision to cut nursery education there is some bad news for residents in the area.
Cwm Taf Community Health Council have backed down over their challenge to reorganisation of hospital services. As reported by the BBC, despite having previously spoken out against the changes they have now decided not to ask Health Minister Mark Drakeford to review the proposals.
The proposals include the removal of severe trauma services, consultant led paediatric and maternity and neo-natal services and caused widespread anger amongst residents.
RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat Campaign Manager Karen Roberts said
"The consultation responses gave very clear, valid reasons for the retention of services at the Royal Glamorgan, in particular in relation to neo natal care. The overwhelming demand is in this area.
"Over recent months we have heard of an increasing number of problems at the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend which is bound to cause additional concern about the ability of the service there to cope and about the safety aspects.
"People will feel extremely let down that the Community Health Council have caved in and reversed their previous position. This reorganisation in common with so any decision under this Labour Government seems to be built on very shaky foundations. One of the five hospitals that are supposed to be critical care specialist centres has not yet had the go ahead to be built. How are people supposed to have faith in the Welsh NHS in the current circumstances?"

As reported by the BBC,

Previously spoken out against

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