Comedian Rhod Gilbert hosts appeal to raise money for Alzheimer's Society


Rhod Gilbert
The award winning Welsh comedian was featured on the BBC Radio 4 appeal on Sunday 12 January.
Rhod recorded the short programme for Alzheimer's Society to demonstrate his support. He said
'With 800,000 people in the UK living with dementia and that number set to rise to 1.7million by 2051, it’s an illness that will touch all of our lives in some way at some point. I know dementia can have a huge impact on people's lives so I was so pleased to help Alzheimer's Society in this way.
Radio 4 logo'The BBC Radio 4 Appeal is a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for services like their Dementia Cafes as well as raise awareness and understanding of dementia. Please tune in and listen to the Appeal. If you can make a donation to help people living with dementia, it'd be hugely appreciated.'
The appeal will be repeated on Thursday 16 January at 15:27 on BBC Radio 4 but you can hear the appeal now by going to bbc.co.uk/radio4/appeal


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