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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Come clean on future plans for Muni

Muni Arts Centre.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell says the Labour Council should come clean on what they have in mind for the Muni Arts Centre.
"The consultation about to begin on phase two of Labour's service cuts includes a proposal to close the Muni yet at the same time retain the Park & Dare and the Coliseum theatres. This despite the fact that the Muni is the most financially viable of the three and the backlog of repairs for that building is less than the other two.
"This would suggest that the Muni would be the most lucrative of the three with regard to attracting a private company or a not for profit organisation. Rumours are abound that the Council already have a deal in mind possibly with an existing events company.
"Now I have no problem with this approach, Councils are rarely the best organisations to run theatres, and if private companies can provide a better service and keep facilities in the community then I am all for that. In fact I would like to see that approach taken with all three theatres.
"The Cabinet need to be honest in what is being discussed, however. People are rightly worried that they are going to lose this valued facility. They would be less worried if they knew that there was a future planned for the Muni. So if that is the case then come out and say it, not just propose that it is closed.
"This air of secrecy is not only unnecessary but counter-productive. We have seen exactly the same attitude with the library in Rhydyfelin. All along people were given to believe that it would stay open and there was no need to campaign to save it, yet when the Cabinet met to discuss the consultation feedback and decide on a way forward they announced a sudden change of heart.
"People are suspicious enough of politicians as it is - with Labour in charge in RCT they have a right to be."

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