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Call for new policy focus on brain health to reduce the risk of dementia

Alzheimer's Society

Action to tackle smoking, drinking, sedentary behaviour and poor diet could reduce the risk of dementia in later life alongside other conditions such as heart disease, stroke and many cancers.
This is according to the UK Health Forum and Public Health England in a joint consensus statement published earlier this week (20 May).

Fifty-nine organisations and experts from across the dementia and public health community, including Alzheimer's Society, have signed the consensus statement which is accompanied by a correspondence in the Lancet.

The Blackfriars Consensus Statement launched during Dementia Awareness Week (18-24 May) says that the scientific evidence on dementia risk reduction is evolving rapidly and is now sufficient to justify action to incorporate dementia risk reduction into health policies and to raise wider awareness about which factors can reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Alzheimer's Society comment:
'For too long, people have felt there's nothing they can do to halt the development of dementia. Putting a new national focus on risk reduction during Dementia Awareness Week reminds us all that not smoking, eating a Mediterranean diet and regularly exercising makes good sense to help look after our heads as well as our hearts.
'Whilst helping people live with the condition today, Alzheimer's Society funds research to find out more about what triggers dementia in the brain, so we can find a cure for the condition tomorrow.'
Jeremy Hughes
Chief Executive
Alzheimer's Society
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