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Call to extend pilot scheme to Wales

Age Cymru Wales

Age Cymru is calling for a pilot programme designed to help scam victims to be extended to Wales.

In Scotland, Royal Mail is working with Trading Standards to identify possible victims who regularly receive large volumes of mass marketing mail.

Age Cymru’s 'Scams and swindles' campaign, launched a year ago, is calling on mail deliverers to identify existing victims who are receiving high numbers of possible scam letters.

We're asking for such possible victims be highlighted to social services and Trading Standards for support to be offered.

In Scottish trials Royal Mail worked with Trading Standards to identify possible victims and share information legally but confidentially.

“This is precisely what we have been calling for in Wales and we would be happy to see the introduction of the project here,” says Age Cymru’s campaigns co-ordinator Gerry Keighley.

“Preventing the scam mail in the first place is our key objective, but helping existing victims is also crucial.

"Most victims do not report scams to the authorities, for various reasons and if they are not helped they can sink into financial oblivion.”

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