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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Boy racers one of the subjects discussed at Aberdare Pact meeting


Sat in on Pact meeting at Aberdare RFC yesterday it was good to see local residents and PCSO Bernadette Mahoney engaging in local issues.

A number of complaints were talked about one being the ongoing problem of boy racers in Tesco and other car parks around the town, speeding and over revving car engines, it is clear from comments this nuisance is making local people extremely angry.

It doesn’t help when local resident observes Police car in Tesco’s car park when this problem is happening, apparently the Police Officer was to busy rolling a cigarette to deal with the problem in hand.

His comment to the frustrated resident complaining was “what problem”.

It was clear this Police Officer was unaware and had not been informed of the ongoing problems local residents have to put up with. It’s apparent very little has been achieved by South Wales Police Authority, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and Tesco to stop this on going problem/nuisance.

This is no reflection on PCSO Bernadette Mahoney who is attempting to do something about it but this problem/nuisance that has been ongoing for years, as the link below from May 2008 will demonstrate.


We have Alun Michael Police Crime Commissioner for South Wales and Peter Vaughan QPM Chief Constable with a number of support officers based in Bridgend.

We do believe Cynon Valley also needs a few more Police Officers who will be informed of ongoing problems of Local residents.

PCSO Bernadette Mahoney informed the meeting of the progress and recovery of the 15 year-old boy who suffered serious head injuries after being attacked in Aberdare.

The Police are not wholly

The Police are not wholly responsible for this matter, Tesco refusused to put in any of the councillors & police recomendations to put in place road calming & barriers when they had refit, in face they dont even allow staff to move on boy racers they would prefer the police to patrol their private car park.

also where are the parents, are these cars legal? insured to race up link Road at 100MPH plus at 2 AM, as a RoSPA examiner I am a good judge of speed and as a menmber of Association of Road Safety Offficers I am aware of the political view of young drivers, we need to stop this racing culture before we reach the fatality stage, as a trainer I always teach drivers to be proactive not reactive!, prevention is better than cure.

Hi Simon Good points but you

Hi Simon
Good points but you have to look at RCTC and the Police if the recommendations were placed before Tesco prior to consent for development was achieved for the refit you can only blame RCTC Development Control Committee for allowing Tesco to do exactly as they want and not implementing all or some of the recommendations placed before them.

Conditions should have been imposed on the planning application prior to allowing Tesco consent; do you know when the refurbishment took place at Tesco?

As you can see from the above link this is not a new problem I would think some of the boy racers referred to in the old posts have grown up a little.

I could see the frustration in the meeting last night and to be open-minded I also noticed PCSO Bernadette Mahoney trying her best but if she doesn’t have the support at SWP and RCTC the problem will not go away its been ongoing for years.

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