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Best practice in consultation for the South Wales Programme, other regional collaborative work and a stakeholder event

NHS Wales

Public Consultation – Certificate of Best Practice Update 34
The South Wales Programme has received confirmation that its consultation process met best practice standards.
The Consultation Institute undertook an independent assessment of the South Wales Programme’s compliance with best practice standards. The Institute uses its Consultation Charter to assess best practice and also takes account of Welsh Government expectations of engagement and consultation and other legal requirements.
The Institute formally issued the Programme with its Certificate of Best Practice in February 2014.
Paul Hollard, Programme Director, said, ‘The consultation was a very important phase in the programme’s work and we are very proud to have received this recognition. Once again I would like to thank all those who contributed to the consultation process from the health boards, Welsh Ambulance Services Trust and community health councils, and the thousands of people who responded’.
Clinical Reference Groups
The focus of the South Wales Programme was on a number of relatively small, critical and yet fragile services (consultant led maternity services and neonatal care, inpatient children’s services and consultant led emergency medicine (A&E)). As a result of the Programme’s work, new areas of activity have developed that merit being taken forward on a regional and collaborative basis.
To maximise these opportunities ‘Clinical Reference Groups’ for acute medicine and surgery have been established – these build on the South Wales Programme’s highly successful model for clinical engagement.
The acute medicine clinical reference group (CRG) is chaired by Dr Grant Robinson, Clinical Lead for Unscheduled Care (Wales), and the surgery CRG is chaired by Mr Hamish Laing, Medical Director, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board. Both CRGs are developing service models which will detail those services that can be delivered safely on local hospital sites and those that require a regional level of care.
Major Trauma Network Development Forum
On 7th April, more than 80 clinicians and managers attended a major trauma network development forum and heard about the experiences of others delivering major trauma services across the UK both within and outside the health service. A report is being prepared to capture the feedback and learning gained from the event and, over the coming months, further work with local clinicians and stakeholders will take place to develop a business case for the delivery of major trauma services for South Wales and South Powys.
Further information
The last update from the South Wales Programme was issued on 19th March 2014. All updates are published on the South Wales Programme website.
Forthcoming event
A clinical/stakeholder conference is being arranged for June 2014.
The purpose of this event will be: to report on the outcome of the South Wales Programme and the additional work established as a result of this programme; to highlight national and other regional work and how they link together (for example unscheduled care, ambulance reform programme, emergency medical retrieval service); and to provide an opportunity to consider how best to provide expert clinical advice into the establishment of acute care alliances across South Wales and South Powys.
Please look out for the diary marker which will be issued by the end of April.


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