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Annual Report reveals a lamentable record


Ahead of a statement by the Welsh Government on its Programme for Government, the Party of Wales Leader Leanne Wood has highlighted a lamentable government record. She reminded the First Minister that Wales has all the raw materials needed to deliver high quality public services and a strong, sustainable economy, but warned that it is being let down by a directionless government.

The Party of Wales Leader Leanne Wood said:

“The Welsh Government’s annual report comes at a time when there is huge concern over the two main public services it is in charge of: health and education. The Labour Government has simply not gotten to grips with either of them. Wales does have the potential to be a successful country, but people need to have confidence in their own NHS and in their schools.

“Unemployment in Wales has returned to its usual position, which is below the UK average, but this is the normal position for Wales since devolution began. The real challenge for the economy is in skills and in creating productive and well-paid jobs. Only education can deliver those skills, and regrettably Labour is allowing Wales to fall behind.

“This country has all the raw materials needed to deliver high quality public services and a strong, sustainable economy. That outcome is not being realised and today’s annual report confirms the need for a change in direction.

“Plaid Cymru wants to see a refocus on service delivery. By recruiting a thousand extra doctors we can ensure that the health service is more robust to deal with the challenges it faces. By focusing our efforts on supporting small businesses and teaching skills, give our workforce the skills it need as our economy grows. And by redoubling efforts in education we can prioritise early years education, stop the decline in standards and equalise the life changes of every single child.”

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