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‘Jekyll and Hyde’ approach to Labour failure


The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has accused the First Minister of a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ approach to Labour failure in health and education in Wales.

Questioning Carwyn Jones in the Senedd today, Andrew RT Davies highlighted his admissions of NHS underperformance and failure in education away from the Assembly:

"We hold our hands up and say, we could have done better" (Carwyn Jones, Welsh Labour spring conference, 2014)

"We took our eye off the ball" (Carwyn Jones on education, Radio 4, January 2014)

"For too long the education system in the country coasted" (Carwyn Jones, Welsh Labour spring conference, 2014)

In contrast, Mr Jones has consistently refused to acknowledge underperformance while speaking in the Senedd.

Most recently, he publicly dismissed concerns raised by senior Labour MP Ann Clwyd.

Speaking at Welsh Labour’s spring conference, his leader, Ed Miliband, labelled Ann Clwyd’s concerns ‘valid’.

Welsh Conservative Leader, Andrew RT Davies AM, said:

"Carwyn Jones fails to acknowledge Labour failure in the Senedd – yet all but apologises for it to his party members.

"This Jekyll and Hyde leader should face up to his colleagues in the Assembly – and Welsh communities – and admit where Labour has gone wrong.

"His own boss has labelled Ann Clwyd’s concerns ‘valid’ and it’s now time for Carwyn Jones to give them the respect they deserve.

"Instead of dismissing the senior MP – he should be addressing the evidence presented and working with Ann to improve his NHS."

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