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aberdare police station

what exactly is this building i live right by it and have seen crime go on right outside it and nothing is done .to communicate with someone inside there you must use a phone outside and then someone will come to an upstairs window to speak to you.its pathetic

I think some people call it progress to close down local police stations perhaps you should email one or two people listed below and ask them why someone comes to the window to speak to you.

Is this a good way for the police to engage with the public?

The way it’s going there will be no public services provided in RCT before long.

Do we need all this senior management if crime is falling in South Wales?

Mr. Alun Michael Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales
Ms. Jan Pickles Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales
Mr. John Rose Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales,
Mr. Cerith Thomas Chief of Staff
Mr. Mark Brace Chief Planning & Performance Manager
Chief Constable Peter Vaughan Deputy
Chief Constable Matt Jukes
Assistant Chief Constable Richard Lewis
Mr. Gareth Madge Director of Legal Services
Mr Umar Hussain Director of Finance and Administration
Ms. Nia Brennan Head of Joint Legal Services
Mr. Huw Cogbill Assistant Director of Corporate Development
Ms. Kate Carr Communications Public Engagement Manager
Ms. Cerys Parker Acting Staff Officer.

The above names taken from Discussion and Actions from Commissioner’s Strategic Board meeting 10 June 2014

thanks for your reply