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Why it’s good business to vote for Plaid Cymru on 7th May.

I’m as much of a supporter of Plaid Cymru as I am of the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives, but I’ve voted Plaid Cymru in all the general elections since I’ve been able to vote and I’ll be doing the same on 7th May.

Only Plaid Cymru will stand up for Wales! - Cerith Griffiths

Cerith Griffiths explains why only Plaid Cymru can secure the best deal for Wales

Don't just talk about it do something about it MP Ann Clwyd record in House of Commons

Poor working class people have voted for a Labour MP in Cynon Valley for over 90 years and they are still poor is it about time someone else had a go?

Time for change don’t waste your vote in Cynon Valley in May

Phurnacite plant, producing smokeless fuel, supplies areas such as London and the north of England with this very fine coal by-product.

Who will you be voting for in Cynon Valley on Thursday 7 May 2015 Election Day?

Will you be voting for someone who has the best interests for Cynon Valley and your family and show compassion on local issues that effect you?

Or for someone who is using the majority of time talking about concerns and problems in other countries? 

Cerith Griffiths out and about in Mountain Ash

Cerith Griffiths the Westminster candidate for the Cynon Valley out and about in Mountain Ash today.