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Brown Asbestos at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre Aberdare

On the16th December 2008 Michael Sobell Sports Centre, Aberdare DTM follow up


In 1999 there was a poor asbestos strip of Amosite Asbestos (Brown Asbestos) Considered to be the second-most hazardous type of asbestos.


Additional £7m investment opportunities to be considered

An additional £7m could be invested in improving transport links, leisure facilities and the development of community hubs across Rhondda Cynon Taf, as proposals before Cabinet next week recommend the fifth round of capital investment in k

Alerts issued ahead of Storm Brian

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is warning people that parts of the Welsh coast could see localised flooding as Storm Brian combines with high tides this evening and tomorrow.


Last Call for Entries

Picture this….. would you like to see your artworks on display in an art gallery and seen by hundreds of visitors or perhaps the idea of winning a cash prize appeals. Both could be a reality.

Inquiry call as hospital deaths caused by safety breaches more than double in 12 months

Deaths in Welsh NHS hospitals caused by breaches in patient safety have more than doubled since 2016, according to figures released

Further delays to Heads of the Valleys project could spell “curtains” for regional businesses

Additional delays to Wales’ largest current road building scheme could mean ‘curtains’ for some regional businesses, ac