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Brown Asbestos at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre Aberdare

On the16th December 2008 Michael Sobell Sports Centre, Aberdare DTM follow up


In 1999 there was a poor asbestos strip of Amosite Asbestos (Brown Asbestos) Considered to be the second-most hazardous type of asbestos.


Action for Children Fostering in Wales Poll

A new poll from Action for Children has shown that few people in Wales are likely to ever become a foster carer.

Get your eyes checked this National Eye Health Week

Look after your eyes by going for a regular sight test is the message of this year’s National Eye Health Week wh

PUBLIC NOTICE Enviroparks Hirwaun Environmental Statement

The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Wales) Regulations 2016

Regulation 22: Notice of further information and evidence in respect of environmental statements